About Us

American Heroes Apparel started as an idea back in 2016. Our founder was a Corrections Officer at a super-max facility. During his time as a CO, he learned that Corrections Officers had the highest suicide rate among any profession in the country. The work was hard, both mentally and physically. The job consisted of time spent living with individuals who were some people's worst nightmare. Hearing stories from inmates on their perspectives of why they did what they did, and continually understanding how their actions affect those around them, left a lasting impression mentally as one would imagine. Our founder started to realize that during this time of mass media conflicts about Law Enforcement and political issues, there were many unsung heroes in other professions that failed to be recognized by society. These people included Firefighters, EMS and Medical Personnel, Corrections Officers, and Emergency Dispatchers, to name a few. Companies out there have long been supporting Law Enforcement and Military Personnel, but what about everyone else who also continually sacrifices every day to do a profession that some people would never consider? That is when American Heroes Apparel was born. Our founder set out to create a company with a mission to honor and support America's Heroes and shed light on the sacrifices made by these individuals. The company started on the simple principle that we should give back a fraction of what is given to us because the reality is that we cannot match the efforts of these individuals. American Heroes Apparel aims at becoming a National Brand and building a charitable organization focused on donating money to organizations and individuals in protective services to assist in mental health aide, and honoring the selfless service of everyone involved in the professions we serve.